My Photo
Wanjun Ai
Ph.D. candidate (Advisor: Jiayu Li)
School of Mathematical Sciences Office: 1223
University of Science and Technology of China Phone:
Hefei,Anhui, 230026, P.R.China. E-mail: aiwanjun(AT)
Teaching Assistant
  1. W.-J., Ai and H., Yin, Neck analysis of extrinsic polyharmonic maps. Arxiv e-prints (Nov. 2016)
  2. W.-J., Ai, The flow of gauge transformations on Riemannian surface with boundary. Arxiv e-prints (Nov. 2016)
  3. W.-J., Ai, C.-N, Zeng and D.-S., Jiang, A unified proof of Crofton formula in the plane of constant sectional curvature, Journal of Southwest China Normal University(Natural Science Edition), (2012), vol. 37, no. 8, 37--39
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